Sometimes I want to put a camera in my daughters’ room.

Because I picture the way Kate must fall asleep, and I bet it’s damn funny.

Flora cuddles under her blankets. She lies down, piles on the comforter, curls around her lovey, and dozes off. Even while her sister continues to chatter and play with other stuffed animals.

I imagine Kate sitting on her bed playing until sleep takes her and knocks her over.

Kate is my unstill child. She wiggles; she squirms; she jumps and dances; she climbs on me during TV time — she’s not quiet.

I watched her at dinner last night, at a restaurant, create a whole story involving a magnifying glass, an action figure, her mac and cheese, and a board book about baby animals. It was fascinating.

I imagine Kate in bed, sending her stuffed animals (only two now) on an adventure, until an errant blink turns into lights out. Because how else would it happen?

She doesn’t lie down on her pillow. She doesn’t pull her covers up. I find her sprawled on her back, an animal sometimes clutched in one hand, occasionally a book over her face. And I know that up until the very second that consciousness departed for the evening, great things were happening. Things were afoot. Stories were being created.

I hope that her dreams take her onward.


Sometimes the Internet is light and fun and we all kid around with each other in the comments.

Sometimes the Internet is mean, and it makes me want to hold people I don’t even know IRL.

At least most of the places I go aren’t boring though, right?

5 thoughts on “Out

  1. I used to find my younger brother in all kinds of weird sleeping poses. Sometimes he would be stuffed down between the bed and the wall, out cold. Another time, I found him on his knees on the floor, with his top half bent over the bed.

    I don’t think it was because of how he fell asleep… more like the way he thrashed after he fell asleep.

    • *snicker* this comment reminds me of the time my brother was about 5? He and I shared a room (our little sis had “the nursery”). My parents used to tuck the sheets in really tight. One day, Dr. Bro rolled off his bed � and was trapped in the sheets, in between the bed and the wall. It makes us laugh until we pee when we tell this story now.

      Anyhoo, the thrashing is a possibility, too, with my Kate. I’ve shared a bed with her, so I know. I would just love to see how she *finally* falls asleep. Because it must happen danged fast.

  2. My daughter usually falls asleep face-down and fully clothed (hat, shoes, jewelry, supercape), as if she were just about to run to the grocery store before utter exhaustion came on. Suddenly. Great things indeed.

  3. I love checking in to my kids’ bedroom to see what unique poses they’ve drifted off in. Lately, my 5yo son would move his comforter, pillow and his entire stuffed animal menagerie to the foot of his twin sister’s bed. I thought it was so sweet; he wanted to be closer. Then I realized he just wanted to sleep where it was light (near the hallway), so he could read after she falls asleep…

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