What Twitter is Good For IV

Traffic and weather!

I am not and have never been a local news watcher. I get my news from the radio, from newspapers, and, increasingly, on-line.

During Snowcapolypse 2010, I got a lot of information from Twitter: how much snow we were getting, current conditions, road conditions, school closings, etc.

And that’s from other tweeps, not even necessarily from the news sites I follow. For the record, I do follow @WPXITraffic and @Verz (Jeff Verszyla) from KDKA. But it’s a lot more fun to see other tweeps Twittering about traffic or weather: bitching about it, making fun of others for bitching about it, bitching about school closures, etc., etc. I got a lot of amusement from it. There was one morning we had roadkill updates (I-79 is the final resting place of a lot of unfortunate animals).

Now, if I want to get updates on weather and traffic I either have to turn on my television in the morning, tune into the radio at exactly the right time, or check the Internet either before I leave for work or when I leave for home.

And they don’t talk about roadkill.

*Sigh.* As we would say on Twitter: #firstworldproblem

6 thoughts on “What Twitter is Good For IV

  1. I tweeted this morning about a road closure where potholes were being filled. You don’t get that on the news. Not that I’m trying to lure you back to Twitter. No No No.

  2. “Roadkill Redux”: You should absolutely pitch that segment to your local news stations. I bet ratings would go through the roof, sort of like when they report on restaurants who failed their health inspections because of cockroach legs in the fry oil.

  3. There is a time and place for Twitter….and that is definitely one reason I love it, and that is why I wish I had an internet phone so I can get updates when I’m on the road b/c a lot changes between leaving my front door and when I get to the Squ. Hill Tunnel

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