What Twitter is Good For IV

Traffic and weather!

I am not and have never been a local news watcher. I get my news from the radio, from newspapers, and, increasingly, on-line.

During Snowcapolypse 2010, I got a lot of information from Twitter: how much snow we were getting, current conditions, road conditions, school closings, etc.

And that’s from other tweeps, not even necessarily from the news sites I follow. For the record, I do follow @WPXITraffic and @Verz (Jeff Verszyla) from KDKA. But it’s a lot more fun to see other tweeps Twittering about traffic or weather: bitching about it, making fun of others for bitching about it, bitching about school closures, etc., etc. I got a lot of amusement from it. There was one morning we had roadkill updates (I-79 is the final resting place of a lot of unfortunate animals).

Now, if I want to get updates on weather and traffic I either have to turn on my television in the morning, tune into the radio at exactly the right time, or check the Internet either before I leave for work or when I leave for home.

And they don’t talk about roadkill.

*Sigh.* As we would say on Twitter: #firstworldproblem