Lost: Sundown


I stand corrected. Smokey is big and bad, and he doesn’t seem to have a very nice effect on his recruits.

I will also stand by my assertion that Jacob isn’t all sweetness and light, either, that he may not be the Big Bad Smokey, but let’s look at what he did to Dogen. “I’ll save your son,” he says, “but you’ll never be able to see him again. I have another job for you.” That’s pretty tough. Jacob’s a little more Old Testament than New.

After two weeks of showing how redemptive the Sideways Story is, we get Sayid’s story line. In which our favorite torturer makes eyes at his true love (but his brother’s wife) and continues his struggle to “not be that man anymore”. He fails rather spectacularly when he’s summoned to see his brother’s Shylock, a big, meanie named Keamy. (Note to henchmen: Watch your weapons.)

Back on the Island, Sayid is banished, tries to kill Not Locke at Dogen’s request, is promised by Not Locke his heart’s desire (shades of Satan right there, pretty much), embraces his darkness wholeheartedly, and goes back to the temple to deliver a message. Again, there’s not much of a choice offered here: Leave by sundown or die. Um, okay. Then Sayid kills Dogen by drowning him in the pool, and slits Lennon’s throat. And then Big Bad Smokey has his way with the Temple inhabitants.

I have always found Sayid the hottest character on Lost. Naveen Andrews and that black tank top have played prominent roles in some of my favorite dreams. But crazy-ass Sayid with that creepy smile and those wild eyes? Not so hot.

Only question: Where the heck was Sawyer? Think he was hanging back at the cave? The popular theory going around now is that Sawyer is running a long con on Not Locke (I’m willing to believe that) and he’s going to be the big hero of Lost. So why isn’t Jacob spending a little more time with him (via Hurley) instead of Jack? Maybe you can’t con Smokey, even if you think you can. Maybe Sawyer in simply verbally agreeing to help Smokey get off the Island has already committed his soul.

Oh, okay, another question: Think Dogen is coming back? Hmmm?

They are certainly knocking off the candidates in short order, if my observation about Sawyer is true. And the hot guys! (Even I will admit that Josh Holloway has it over Matthew Fox in the hotness category. Although either can certainly wear a pair a jeans well. Rawr.)

I may be off topic a little bit here. Sorry.

I have to admit: I don’t care about the Claire/Kate story line. I am sorry, I know I should care about everyone who’s left, but Aaron’s two mothers just don’t do anything for me (and I don’t mean in the hotness category — although that too — I mean in the interest category). I am more curious about their sideways stories, but on-Island? It’s just not captivating me.

Ten episodes left. A 2-hour season finale. I’m enjoying the ride, still.


Afterthought to “Lighthouse”: Maybe number 108, the once-candidate Wallace, isn’t coming to the Island at all (or maybe he/she is, but is no longer a candidate). Maybe Jacob just wanted Jack/the audience to see what the lighthouse mirrors reflected (Jack’s childhood home, Sun and Jin’s marriage site, the church where Sawyer’s parents were buried).