6 thoughts on “Twitter-ish

    • Ha! Amazing how context is vital.

      Uncle and Mrs. Crappy are a couple I don’t know why those are their screen names. I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere.

  1. RPM: It’s also worth finding a copy of Ashes of American Flags, their concert/documentary film released last year. I’ll be watching it pretty much weekly until April.

    Stacia/Shawna: My online name actually came from a list of suggested band names written on the men’s room wall of my favorite college bar. It’s served me well enough over the years that I know I have in-real-life friends in Pittsburgh who don’t have any idea what my actual name is…

    • Huh, I thought a smart-arsed niece or nephew would have been involved. So much for my fun idea! Thanks for clarifying.

      Although, what the heck were you doing reading the wall in the…. Never mind.

      I will check out that other Wilco DVD. I’ll even try to get Dan to watch with me!

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