5 thoughts on “Twitter-ish

  1. We started Lost during boring Olympics evenings (i.e. Ice Dancing). We’ve seen 3 episodes so far. (Last night we watched Zombieland instead. Very funny.) We’re enjoying it. My husband’s quote, “Damn, I wasn’t expecting it to actually be entertaining.”

    • I want to see Zombieland. I don’t know if I’ll be able to talk Dan into it — although he liked 28 Days… so maybe.

      Where are you in the show? Season 1? It’s VERY entertaining. Can become obsessive. Also, mileage will vary over the seasons. Stick out Season 3 (that’s the one most people complain about. At least until Season 5…), and there’s a great payoff. So far, Season 6 (aside from episode 2) has been nothing short of amazing. And even that second ep advanced the story to its conclusion.

      • Yes we’re still in season one. Miles to go (or not go since we’re trapped on an island and all.)

        Zombieland is very much not like 28 Days Later. More like Shaun of the Dead: American Style. Hilarious. Woody Harrelson is brilliant. (And if you’d told me back in the Cheers days that I would someday type that statement I wouldn’t have believed you.)

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