Lost: The Lighthouse

*Spoiler alert* (I have been remiss in noting that my Lost posts are chock full of these, and I have been gently chided. So, now ya know.)

Here’s the difficulty I’m having.

Let’s take a look at Sideways Jack. Divorced, a dad (that was only one of last night’s surprises); there seem to be some difficulties between him and his son, but, hello? His son’s a teen. Jack doesn’t drink. He’s mystified by an old scar — which is explained away by his mother, but leaves us wondering (okay, leaves ME wondering) how close the Sideways reality and the Island reality are getting.

Jack is honest. Honest without being pained, martyred, angry. The Jack Shepherd we have seen for five seasons has been angry and tortured, has second guessed every decision he has made. Is haunted.

Sideways Jack isn’t haunted. Does he want to be a better father to his son? You bet he does. And if you weren’t moved by that final scene with him and David, you have a cold, cold heart. David doesn’t tell his father about his audition because he doesn’t want to disappoint his dad. And his dad says (I’m paraphrasing), “I will always love you. You will never fail in my eyes.”

Nice use of Dogen, there, too.

Now, let’s head back to the Island. Jacob appears to Hurley, gives him a few instructions, and then tells him exactly how to get Jack to do what he wants him to do (leave the Temple, go to the Lighthouse). He tells Hurley to use the phrase: You’ve got what it takes.

Jack has been hearing his whole life, from his father, that he doesn’t have what it takes. (Takes to what is up for interpretation.)

(Aside: The Island is full of people with daddy issues, isn’t it? Name one of the characters in the Island timeline that doesn’t have them. Even going back through every season, we see problematic father figures all over the place.)

Jacob manipulates. This is why I’m having trouble seeing him as the “good” guy. (The whole idea is starting to seem to me a little simplistic, actually.) The Sideways characters seem more whole, less tortured, than their Island counterparts.

What did Jacob do to them and why? (I think this will directly tie into what the Island is, which is pretty much the Number 1 question on everyone’s list.)

And why is he bringing more people to the Island?

Yeah, Not Locke isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy. He kills people; he manipulates, too; he’s scaring the shite out of Richard. He’s likely the source of infection that’s turned Claire into a cold-eyed killer. Can’t wait to see how “the infection” affects Sayid.

I don’t have a lot to say about the Claire/Jin story line. To me, it looks like Claire is the new Rousseau. Hey, maybe along with the protector, the Island needs a crazy, bereaved mother — one who sets deadly booby traps — running around on it. Not Locke showing up in the role of Claire’s friend at the end of the episode confirms this (for me): Not Locke = Not Christian Shepherd = Smokey.

Thanks to my diligent fellow Losties on Plurk who looked up 108. Sum of all the numbers. So far, all of the candidates we saw last night in the cave are alive and kicking. But who the heck was Wallace?

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