The Hard Way

A friend of our sent us a card with candy in it recently. The candy were those little ‘red hot’ cinnamon candies (which I love).

Flora wanted one of those candies in the worst way.

I tried to warn her.

“That candy is hot,” I said.

“Will it cool off?” she responded.

“Not that kind of hot. It’s spicy.”

She gave me an incredulous look (Flora has quite a repertoire of incredulous looks). “Who would give us spicy candy?” she asked.

I handed over a candy.

She blew on it for a bit, then popped it in her mouth.

A minute or two later, I looked over at her. She was holding the candy in her fingers, a stricken look on her little face.

“I told you,” I said. She looked at me mutely, her expression priceless. Somehow horrified and wondering at the same time.

“Throw it out,” I advised. “And get yourself a drink of cold water.”

8 thoughts on “The Hard Way

  1. Funny…

    Reminds me of a similarly cute story…

    Back when my best buddy’s girls were young, they used to call cinnamon flavored gum “hot gum”.

    So when I offered some gum to the little one , who was about 3 at the time, she asked, “Is it hot gum?”

    I said, “No hon.”

    She said, “Well is it warm?”

  2. Oh, yes, the spicy/hot conundrum! So tough. We’re still working on it with my son, who, like your Flora, will blow on anything spicy. Like salsa. He just can’t figure it out, poor guy.

  3. Oh heavens. I am giggling and feeling guilty for giggling. I will send ‘not hot’ candy for Easter. It being the Resurrection, there should only be sweet, right? I bought an entire case of those red hots because that is the only way I could find them (at Cash and Carry); they were the only all red candy I could find. I have a feeling I will be putting them in people’s birthday and Christmas boxes for a while.

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