4 thoughts on “Twitter-ish

  1. Get one. So sad. One of “those dogs” absolutely needs your children’s love. The pigeon says so.

    (I am not a “tweep,” so how was that for a faux tweet? Too long? Too short? Also, why do I feel this compulsion to capitalize “tweep” and “tweet”?)

    • As long as it’s under 140 characters, and still says something, it’s good!

      I told my girls ‹ well, Flora ‹ she could get a dog when she is 7. I don’t think I’m ready to take on a high-needs dog right now, as much as my heart breaks for them.

  2. My parents got their two micro brained hairballs (very cute, really, but still how exciting can an animal who is always amazed that it has a tail be?) from a couple of hoarders. And they actually paid for them, rather than turning them in as I would probably have done. The dogs have odd health problems and are easily frightened by things like sudden breezes. Fight the desire to rescue one unless your children are as well behaved as those in Jane Austen books.

    • I am very much fighting the desire. My children are only 3 and 5, and as sweet as they are, they just are ready for the responsibility of a pet. And I’m not ready to take on another body to care for yet. I would do it, and for the most part happily, but I want my kids to be of an age (when we do get a pet) that I can trust them with certain aspects of its care. Thanks for your feedback!

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