Random Thoughts: The Bored Edition

1. More snow. Is coming. I’m a little worried.

2. Kate fell asleep on the floor yesterday — something unprecedented. She had fallen asleep in the car, and as we brought her into the house, she woke and started fussing at us. I thought she was going to go into a full-blown tantrum (it had been that kind of day). She curled up on the floor, barely in the house, boots and coat still on — and passed out again.

3. She then proceeded to fall asleep on the stairs, and then, for the final 20 minutes of this very broken nap, in my lap on the couch. She wanted to sleep — she clearly needed to sleep — but no way no how was she going to do it in her room.

4. Given the resurgence of the tantrums over the weekend and the falling asleep every where, I am wondering if the ear medications are working. Today is the last day for drops, and she’ll be taking the antibiotics by mouth until Wednesday. She’s been complaining that her ear itches. Is that a bad sign?

5. My kids love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (the movie). Kate actually refers to it as Chancey with a Cloud of Meatballs, which slays me. I like it too. I’ve ordered it four times on our television. Guess I better go out and pick up that DVD.