Lost: What Kate Does

(Aside from get on a lot of nerves…)

Runs. This we know. In this episode, she runs away from the Temple (arguably toward Sawyer). I think her sobbing on the pier is because she knows she’s lost him. I don’t particularly care for the heartbroken Sawyer; I like the swaggering con man (I still have such a weakness for bad boys!). But Kate witnessed the end of the triangle right as Sawyer threw that ring into the ocean. She can either go back to Jack, or be alone.

In the sideways story, she helps Claire. She actually doesn’t run, staying by this stranger’s side. For all the bitching I do about Kate, I will say this: she has a weakness for a person in need. Claire’s plight moved her on the Island, and it clearly moves her again in this sideways story.

The suspension of disbelief was difficult for me. Okay, yes, young pregnant girl far from home needing some support, turning to the only other person she has actually encountered — even though she’s a gun-toting outlaw. But here’s my theory about that: Somehow these characters as they meet and interact in the Sideways Story (as I’m going to call it) are recognizing each other. Some instinct is pulling on them to help each other, trust each other. We saw it last week, when Locke and Jack actually reached out to each other instead of fighting as they did on-Island. We see it again when Kate finds Claire, stays by her side; we see it when Claire gets back in the taxi. That flash in her eyes that said, “This is crazy but it doesn’t feel crazy.”

We’re seeing the LA version of “stand together or die alone.”

In the original timeline, Kate makes no bones about the fact that she killed her (step)father. In the Sideways Story she tells Claire she didn’t do it. Does the Sideways Story have her falsely accused of something else? Or is Sideways Kate just trying to justify Claire’s trust of her?

Speaking of Claire: I’m sure I am not alone in saying this: Crazy Claire, as she appeared at the very end of the episode, certainly reminded me of Rousseau — another woman who had given birth on the Island, and lost her baby. Honestly, I don’t think “the dark thing” claiming people is more than madness, although it may have an organic origin on the Island.

Speaking of bad boys: Sayid is alive; gets a taste of his old medicine; is infected with… that darkness thingy. (Favorite line of the night: Sawyer: “He’s an Iranian torturer and murderer. He definitely deserves another go-around.” Bitter much? I also really enjoyed Miles rejoinder when Jack asks to speak with Sayid alone: “We’ll be in the food court.” Season 6, now with more sarcasm!)

I knew Jack was going to try to take that pill. Jack is savvy this season, figuring out how to be the puppeteer and not just get jerked around by his strings. I’m kind of liking it. He knows he’s penetrated into something, the inner sanctum of the Island, and damnit, he’s going to get some answers.

The question is, though, if the Others went to all that trouble to heal Sayid in the Temple of the Funky Water (trademark to Dan, my husband), what would that pill have done. Were the Others surprised Sayid is alive again? I don’t think so, but I do think they know such a thing is bad, bad news. Hence the poison. Would it have killed Sayid (again)? Or just killed the infection?

We didn’t get much in the way of answers this episode — or if we did, we’re not seeing them. I’ll be re-watching “What Kate Does” this weekend because Dan missed about 10 minutes dealing with my car and a tow truck (another story for another day). Thank goodness for FiOS on demand.

I’m off to do my rounds of “what the pros think of LOST”. Feel free to tell me what you think!