Ear, Ear

After 10 months with tubes, Kate has an ear infection.

And her behavior tonight, after the diagnosis of said infection, makes me wonder how long she has been in pain.

It would explain so much: the poor sleep, the poor eating, the temper tantrums. I mean, not that last one 100% — she is 3, after all — but you would be cranky too if, after 10 months, that special hellish pain — pain that you had lived with for approximately 16 months of your 27-months-long life — pain that had wholly disappeared, was suddenly back. And with a vengeance if that goop draining out of her ear is any indication.

Dan and I have been taking turns talking her down from another epic tantrum. I would just put her to bed, but we have to get some medicine in her. Oral antibiotics AND drops. But we’re not doing anything until she chills the heck out.

9 thoughts on “Ear, Ear

    • I feel so bad for her. I hope the abx work well and work quickly. And she lets us put drops in her ear twice a day. I just want her to feel better. And sleep through the night again!

    • I know. I had ear infections as a child, and I remember laying in a dark room with a warm compress on my ear making bargains with God about ending the pain. It sucks.

      • You know who you have to thank for that…Alexander Fleming!

        Scot and I had tubes too. It was a pain in the ass wearing wax plugs and swim caps every day at Dormont Pool, but i know that it cut down on the infections considerably. Probably wouldn’t have had any if we didn’t have so much daily dairy from what they say now.

  1. You know, @erin, vis-a-vis the dairy thing: I did a lot of research and talked to my pediatricians about that, and they were pretty alarmed I was thinking of taking my then 2- and 4yo children off of dairy. The children’s chiropractor at the time was blithely insistent that I do it, and the research that I did see was a lot of antecdotal stuff from chiropractors. Now you know I am a big fan of chiropractic medicine, but when it comes to some things (like the dairy-ear infection connection) I admit to being… not so much of a skeptic as wanting to see more rigorous science.

    Plus, my children love cheese and yogurt.

    Anyhoo, Kate is on the mend. So I’m grateful for Alexander!

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