I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Pittsburgh area’s going to get a little bit of snow tonight and into tomorrow.

Reports vary between 3 to 7 inches all the way up to a foot.

I don’t care. (Well, I am going to stop and pick up orange juice. At a gas station on my way home. Then I won’t care.) I don’t plan in driving in it, though I could if I wanted to. (I’m an Erie girl with new tires on my car.)

I’ve renewed the library DVDs that were due tomorrow, and now the girls and I have no reason to leave the house. And I like it that way.

We are going to do arts and crafts, drink hot chocolate, watch TV. I will probably attempt to get some of the paper in my house under control (primarily by shredding old bills). I may get caught up on laundry.

I’m sure we will traipse out into the snow at some point. I’ll shovel, the girls will attempt to make snowballs and build a snowman.

Going outside in snow is actually an exercise in underpreparedness (if that’s a word) for us. The girls have snow pants and snow jackets and snow boots, but not snow gloves; their hands get very wet and cold. Their hats and scarves are fine. I don’t have any snow gear appropriate for sledding or snowman building. It’s kind of pathetic.

And while Flora delights in playing in snow, Kate finds it very hard to move when she’s all bundled up. It makes me giggle to see her. I feel a little bad about it. But as I’m attempting to build a snowman in one of Dan’s winter coats (WAY too big for me) and not get snow in my shoes, it’s impressive that I can laugh about something.

4 thoughts on “SNOMG

  1. You guys are getting off pretty light with this one. We’ve already got over 22″ on the ground here in Baltimore and it’s still coming down. If Kate went out in this, you may never find her again!

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