Random Thoughts: The Scary Show

1. To be perfectly honest, all I want to do is go watch the season premiere of Lost again.

2. Something I forgot to mention about Tuesday night: Flora watched the season premiere of Lost with us. At least the last hour and 15 minutes of it. If I hadn’t been so aggravated it would have been amusing. I had to cover her eyes during the Smokey scene, The Wolfman commerical with Benicio Del Toro, and another commerical for a video game rated ‘M’. Awesome.

3. Quotes from the night from Flora. “Why do you stay up late at night?” “What is this scary show?” “Why do you want to learn about scary things??” (Please note: At least she thinks TV is educational.) “When is the scary show going to be over?”

4. I really struggled with today’s post because, once again, I am tired. Once again, I received a 5 a.m. wake up call from Kate, and then ended up with both of them in bed with Dan & me. And I don’t mean to complain about not sleeping, primarily because it gets old (for you and me), but because generally my girls are GREAT sleepers.

5. Which is part of the problem, because Dan and I have been spoiled by babies and toddlers who slept 12 hours or so a night (starting around six months or so), and lately it’s all been disrupted, and neither Dan nor I are dealing with it very well.

6. Why did Flora watch Lost with us? Because she wasn’t tired. And she wasn’t tired because Tuesday morning she woke up (and woke me up) at 4 a.m., but she took a nap at daycare (one of the DCL’s that day: “Is Flora okay? Because she actually took a nap today.” Grrrr.), so wasn’t tired at bed time. And she knew her father was home, and she knows her father is a pushover, so after I had been upstairs twice (during commercial breaks) she came downstairs and appealed to him. And he did try to talk her into going back upstairs to bed, but he didn’t actually take her upstairs to bed, because Flora would have wanted him to stay with her and sleep in her room, and Dan is a pushover, so instead of saying ‘no’ and hearing her cry, he didn’t really say anything, and we listened to her whinge about how scary our TV show was.

7. Holy run-on sentences, Batman.

8. Is it next Tuesday yet?

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