It’s not as good as a Steelers’ Super Bowl (which is what I got the day after my birthday last year), but it’s awfully dang close.

Lost returns for its final season — its final 18 hours — tomorrow night (two days after my birthday).

I cannot wait.

I think that things change, but not the way Jack expects them too. He expects that the lives of the Oceanic Flight 815 passengers just reset, but he’s wrong. Season 6 can’t just be a show about a bunch of people who didn’t crash on The Island, you know?

The five must-answer questions for me:

Who is Jacob? (Corollary: Who is the Man in Black/Esau?)
What is The Island?
Who/What is Richard Alpert?
Why couldn’t women give birth on the Island?
What was the deal with Claire? (Corollary: What’s up with Aaron?)

I’ll be following post-game day breakdowns (so to speak) with Doc Jenson, the TV Club at Slate, and at the Lostpedia wiki. I’ll be offering my own thoughts and theories here, of course, probably in a sleep-deprived stupor.

But that’s nothing new.

Anywhere else I should consult? How about you: What do you want to know?

Oh, yeah, I totally forgot: Yesterday was my third blog-o-versary. Happy year 3 of blogging. Still digging this thing!

10 thoughts on “Belated

    • I am viewing the Season 5 finale again tonight, and I gotta say: I don’t think it’s going to happen. With Lost, of course, you never say never, but I suspect that in the reset JULIET NEVER COMES TO THE ISLAND. In the reset, she is not needed (i.e. women have no troubles conceiving and birthing babies). Part of why I think this: Jacob does not show up in her Season 5 finale flashback. I think Juliet gets to go on working miracles ‘on the mainland’ helping completely infertile women conceive babies, ala her sister.

      That’s my thought on that.

      I freaking love this show.

  1. I want to know if Charlie is Desmond and Penny’s son.
    I noticed the credits say their baby is “Young Charlie” yet Claire’s baby is just “Aaron”

    I also think that the last scene of Lost will leave us with our jaws on the floor.

    I just want a good ending-not some slapped together “let’s make everyone happy-or dead” ending.

    • Charlie the rock star (Dominick Monahan)? I have never heard this theory. I am rather intrigued by it.

      Remember, though (and I told my husband this last season, too): Penny’s father is a Charles. So, while I am sure Des named his son after the man who more-or-less got him off the island and reunited him with Penny, it’s also a nod to his father-in-law, whether or not Penny and he want to admit it.Or, you know, that’s what I think.

      I concur: Killing everyone isn’t going to work, not for the fans. It’ll be as disappointing as “it was all a dream” or the “purgatory” explainations. We deserve better, dang it!

      I almost don’t want it to end. I felt the same way about book 7 in the Harry Potter series.

  2. to clarify-I want to know if the Charlie played by Dominic Monahagan is Desmond and Penny’s baby all grown up. Somehow he then needs to get left in the 70’s…but I think that can happen

    • Oh, I got that. But I wonder why you think that? Just because of the credits thing?

      Sudden thought about Aaron: his is a biblical name, too (like Jacob). He was Moses’ spokesperson in Exodus. Wonder if that plays in to The Island at all.

  3. Yes, just because of the credits. I was watching one on demand and it was the first time I saw the end credits (probably because ABC likes to speed them up and make them smaller on the screen)–and I noticed it right away. I floated the idea to a Lost fans site-and not many agreed..but now I hear it is picking up speed in the rumor mill. Look at some of the credits where a character appears as a child (I think the one where the red-head scientist is a child on the island-or ben as a child-they all say “young ben”, “young (redhead)” but if it’s a child without an adult character it says a name (aaron)

    oooo I never thought about Aaron

    • The red-head was Charlotte.

      Anyway, it would not have necessarily have occurred to me that ‘young’ Charlie meant that Desmond + Penny’s son was the future rock star. I guess I would have just thought the had to differentiate between Monahan’s character.

      But I see your point vis-a-vis the other child characters.

      Can’t wait for tonight! Hope I make it all the way through. Flora woke me up at 4 a.m. for no good reason, and I’m not even sure I can make it through my work day, let alone up until 11 p.m. I’m going to need the girls to let me nap after dinner!

      Thanks for all the comments! I love Lost.

  4. I don’t want it to end either–it has been the best show on tv (IMHO) because of the way it holds you and leaves you guessing. I am, however, very pleased with the people who decided to end it-so many shows go on forever and ever-loooong past their time (ER…and now Grey’s Anatomy). I just wish there was at least another year too look forward to. I am hoping they set a new standard-to end on a high note.

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