It’s not as good as a Steelers’ Super Bowl (which is what I got the day after my birthday last year), but it’s awfully dang close.

Lost returns for its final season — its final 18 hours — tomorrow night (two days after my birthday).

I cannot wait.

I think that things change, but not the way Jack expects them too. He expects that the lives of the Oceanic Flight 815 passengers just reset, but he’s wrong. Season 6 can’t just be a show about a bunch of people who didn’t crash on The Island, you know?

The five must-answer questions for me:

Who is Jacob? (Corollary: Who is the Man in Black/Esau?)
What is The Island?
Who/What is Richard Alpert?
Why couldn’t women give birth on the Island?
What was the deal with Claire? (Corollary: What’s up with Aaron?)

I’ll be following post-game day breakdowns (so to speak) with Doc Jenson, the TV Club at Slate, and at the Lostpedia wiki. I’ll be offering my own thoughts and theories here, of course, probably in a sleep-deprived stupor.

But that’s nothing new.

Anywhere else I should consult? How about you: What do you want to know?

Oh, yeah, I totally forgot: Yesterday was my third blog-o-versary. Happy year 3 of blogging. Still digging this thing!