Delurking Day: Help Haiti

I am completely unabashedly (if that’s a word) stealing this idea from fellow Burgh Mom Blogger Jayesel. (Thanks, Jayesel.)

I’ve been struggling with what to do for the people in Haiti. And this is a great idea.

It is National Delurking Day. That means if you come to this blog and read a bit (Dad, I’m looking at you), it’s time to come out and say Hi. For every comment I get today, I will donate $1 to the Red Cross for Haiti relief efforts. (It maxes out at $5 for each commenter. I’m looking at you, Brandon.) Even if you usually leave a comment, please participate today so I can send more money. (I will donate a minimum of $25 if no one plays along.)

Don’t know what to say? Tell me your favorite book or movie. Or just say Hi. It’s not a lot to do for a buck!

For more about helping out — in a very local way (local being Pittsburgh), see what Ginny is doing at That’s Church. Let’s see what we can do to get these children home.

Update: If you know anyone who can help, send them to That’s Church. I wish I could do more than pray.

60 thoughts on “Delurking Day: Help Haiti

  1. I mentioned a book yesterday, so I’ll say “Hi.” We did our donation to Doctor’s without Borders, but Red Cross is definitely a very good organization to support. (Full disclosure, my mom is very active with Red Cross including doing post-Katrina.)

  2. We’ve quite discussed books yesterday so this is me saying “hey!”

    The company I work for had a 3-story office there flattened, so there will be supplies and donations running from our employees across the country.

    The spirit and generousity of the Pittsburgh blogging community never fails to amaze me.

  3. De-luking to say that Flagg’s second in command in The Stand, his name was Lloyd, and yeah, by the end of the book, he was a pretty sympathtic character.

  4. Good excuse for me to catch up on comments I make in my head and never get around to posting.

    Re: Dee’s. You know, I was sitting in the big booth of Dee’s when the angel of the Lord appeared to me. I also remember back when it was indeed an old man south side bar, practically deserted before 4pm, and when they served food in the room which now has the pool tables. We used to have the Masquer roasts there, before moving upstairs. I remember when Bill first got a computer and got online. I remember the old jukebox which had no music that came out after 1977. I was there for the big underage Masquer bust.I’m pretty sure I had my last hamburger at Dee’s. Maybe that’s what I should say the next time someone asks why I’m a vegetarian.

  5. Re: house clutter & such

    I don’t think you should expect to handle this without professional help. As a child of hoarders with my own pack-rat tendencies, I now do a quarterly, seasonal purge. We just donated 10 boxes and bags to Goodwill, actually. But I don’t think my coping mechanism would be possible with two small children, or if my husband was just like me in this way. I think you need someone (or a crew) who is not emotionally invested, or even a friend who will come over at a designated, pre-ordained time to sort and then grab you for ten minutes to come in and say “that’s garbage, that’s to be filed, that goes upstairs, that’s for goodwill, etc.” The moms that I know seem to have very unrealistic expectations about what they are supposed to be able to accomplish each day or week, and from my perspective, if I have a hard time getting shit done — as a DINK with a very useful, cheerfully energetic husband, I don’t know how the hell you expect to. OUTSOURCE.

  6. Re: 40th Birthday Party.

    We were really sad to miss it. I did the same thing DawnAn did – kept looking at the time and wondering what was going on. I missed Angel’s & Teresa’s 40th too. My 40th was in Jamaica. Highly recommended. Hopefully my 45th will be in Pittsburgh.

  7. I’ve been kind of quiet and reserved on this. It’s not because I don’t support this effort, I most definitely do! I don’t know any powerful people to poke and my twitter account is locked. I thought it a better use for me to not clog the lines with mindless blather. I wish I could do more to help, but I hope everyone knows that I fully support this and will be there when we bring these women and kids home.

  8. I used to have a trenchcoat just like that.

    (Good stuff, you. I’m proud to be able to help spend your money.)

  9. I’m glad to see so much support from everyone. Thank you for doing this. And thanks to all the commenters; it’s a simple thing, but without the comments, the amount would be much less. Every little thing counts.

    I just saw @JanePitt’s post that the kids are legally allowed in the US now. Awesome!

    Anyone that watches the news at all, or has any idea what happens in local circles during crises, has to know the power of “social media” – so many people band together for causes, and actually MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. It’s wonderful!

    Thanks again for your contributions!

  10. Thanks to everyone who commented. I’m not a big numbers person, and I do this blog pretty much for me, but it means a lot that a bunch of you came out to say Hello.

    It’s officially 48 comments (from about 45 commenters) and I’m just going to send $50 today to the Red Cross. I’m working on a couple of other things to help, and I am hoping like hell we get to throw a big party for the women that Jane Pitt has been scrambling to help. I’ve got a butt load of clothes for donation!

    I can’t reply to everyone, but I do just want to say, from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU.

  11. I’m hoping my little 2 bucks worth can help someone. I’ve separately donated, but hey, why not spread it around a bit.
    Thanks for a lovely blog, I, too, just found you.

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