Fire Away

So, since I’m having so much fun with my blog lately, and writing such scintillating prose (guess I shot my wad in December), I’ve decided to open the floor.

Got any questions for me? Leave them in the comments, or email me: albamaria30 at verizon dot net.

Just remember one thing: My father reads this blog.

Thus: I retain the rights to not answer any question. That said, I haven’t too much to hide. (He knows about the drugs. Just kidding. Or AM I?)

13 thoughts on “Fire Away

    • My freshman picture? Absolutely not. But if I can track one of my senior pics down, and find a scanner, then you’re on. (Dad, if you’re reading the comments, bring down a senior picture on Saturday. You know the one: green shirt, big hair. Thanks.)

  1. What are your favorite books? why?
    What were your least favorite books? why?
    What’s your favorite vegetarian meal?

    If you could choose your children’s careers what would they be?

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