The Uberlist for 2010

I’ve never made New Year resolutions, per say, although I’ve always had goals in mind as new years approach. (I tend to think of my birthday, at the end of this month, as my own new year.)

But I was interested in the idea of an uberlist, as outlined here at Post Emily Post. When I first looked at “uberlist” I thought it would be even more complicated than plain old resolutions, but it’s actually designed to be a little easier. It helps you focus, and with the idea of setting smaller, more realistic goals, it can help you achieve things.

I’m not going to go into my whole list here — I am still working on it, actually — but here are a couple of things I’m aiming for:

Getting back in shape. Now, this sound pretty general, which doesn’t work for an uberlist. But my first step is to start doing the exercises that my chiropractor gave to me. And I need to start going to the chiropractor again, too. From there, I plan to make some more concrete goals, and aim to start running again this spring.

Another goal is to organize my blog reading. I intend to read more and to leave more comments. Time to figure out that Google Reader thing I guess.

I want to set goals for my house, too. That is something Dan and I are going to have to work on together.

If you’re interested in actually reaching your goals this year, rather than just have a few resolutions in mind (which is my usual mindset), check out the uberlist. It’s not as intimidating as it sounds.

5 thoughts on “The Uberlist for 2010

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