Miss Lily’s SpecialTeas: Photos

I wrote a review of this fun event over at Network Pittsburgh (in short: It was a hit!). For more information about what Miss Jennifer does, see her Web site.

Here are some fun photos from the tea party.

The Girls’ special stuffed friends. The bear on the far left sang “Tomorrow”. Kate loved it, so it sang it a lot.


End result:

“Tea” (Miss Jennifer actually brings a non-staining drink such as apple juice or lemonade. Also: lots of napkins and wipes!)

The Cookies:

Frosting is the Best Part:

Frosting Monster!

Dress Up:

I really am going to have to figure out how to edit my photos. Too much glare in these. IMO.

(To satisfy the FTC: Got this service free. Miss Jennifer is starting a new business, and we thought a ‘dry run’ would help her out! Thank you, and good night.)

Updated to add: Look, more pictures! Including me in a feather boa.