Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for (in no particular order, really):

10. Family. Beyond my husband and my children (which, der), I love being with my parents, my siblings, even — gulp — my in-laws. I got to spend a couple of hours with Dr. Sis Tuesday night (we picked her up from the airport), and it was nice to just sit and talk about our lives and how she is doing in North Carolina. I am extremely fond of my sisters-in-law, who are extraordinary women in their own rights. I have been so lucky and blessed in this area.

9. Craft beer — what we used to call microbrews in the ’90s. And places like The Sharp Edge and Bocktown to drink them.

8. Social media. If you don’t “do” social media, it’s hard to explain to you why I am thankful for this. Suffice to say: I’ve met some neat people who do some neat things. I hope to become more involved as time goes on (and my children get older…). You’re all awesome!

7. That my kids make me laugh.

6. Health insurance.

5. A day off in the middle of the week. Middle-ish.

4. That I am almost done Christmas shopping.


2. My new hair style. (Yeah, I’m reaching. I mean, it’s true and all.) How about: my stylist, who is a great friend who gives me great hair plus loves my kids like crazy.

1. That I am not hosting Thanksgiving today; all I need to do is whip up some mashed potatoes and remember the Morning Star stuff, and walk across the yard. I love to cook, but this year, hosting anything and/r cooking a ton of food are the last things I need on my plate.

Happy Thanksgiving, all y’all. Do it up.

4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

    • Yeah, I am actually going to try to come down to the party for a bit on Saturday. I’ve given Dan a lot of free reign for work, and I need a night out! Save me a seat.

      And we did have a nice Thanksgiving, thank you! Have a good day with the Mrs. today.


    • You know we love yinz! You’re local, you have good food and good beer, and you’re super easy to get to. I cannot think of anything bad to say about Bocktown!! (Okay, maybe a couple more vegetarian options on the menu would be nice? Harsh, I know.)

      Have a Happy Holiday Season. I’m sure we’ll be in again soon.


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