This is Not My Daughter’s Name

The Moon Twp. Giant Eagle has gotten our cakes right for five years, so I’m not really sure what happened. Unless a little girl named Laura also wanted a Littlest Pet Shop cake for Sunday.

It could happen.

10 thoughts on “This is Not My Daughter’s Name

  1. If she hasn’t seen it yet, you could attempt a fix with a new tube of icing? Or glue? Or masking tape? Or just finger off the name and claim it was the sibling!

  2. oh GEEZ! ha She didn’t even notice, that makes it even better.

    Last year we had a surprise 60th birthday party for my aunt. The cake had a baby picture screen/sprayed on like they do, and I was all, oh wow! That’s such a cute idea! My cousin started laughing- turns out, NOT HER PICTURE. Costco mixed up the orders somehow, her name was on the cake, but someone’s picture (they hadn’t even ORDERED a picture to be on it!) Everyone had a good laugh about it πŸ™‚

  3. I hate that Giant Eagle but I go there if I need something quick. Floral Dept. had some old lady trying to sell me dying roses, the stockers follow you around and the store just gives me the heeby jeeby.

    • That is ‘my’ Giant Eagle. I know where everything is and I can make a stock-up shopping trip through there in anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Sad they closed its Eagle’s Nest, though.I’ve never noticed being stalked by the stockers (ha!). Maybe you look untrustworthy? And I don’t buy flowers there often.Thanks for the comment!ciao,rpmNov 18, 2009 08:39:56 AM, wrote:

  4. I’ll send you there shopping for me πŸ™‚

    The worst one overall is the McCandless Giant Eagle. i loathe that location. I need to correct myself, I dont hate the Moon, I dislike it because there are a lot worse out there.

    In McCandless they have those crappy half aisles and put things in stupid places. Like the Peanut Butter is the the back corner by the meats on a small shelf. Who the heck would think of going back there. Put it with the damn jelly!

    • I used to dislike the Robinson Giant Eagle. I could never find anything, and they were constantly changing it around. And their deli had a terrible set-up.

      I would take it any day over that Market District though. (If I could.)

      And me doing your shopping is going to cost you & lushie. Some babysitting, probably. Possibly also a percentage of your grocery total! πŸ˜‰


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