Against the Grain

With it being November, there are a lot of people writing novels and/or on their blogs every day.

Me? I’m starting to skip days like crazy.

This week has been especially trying. It’s lasted forever. And although I have things to say, I have too much to do to say them! I cannot believe that it’s not yet (as of this writing) Friday already.

And due to what’s on my docket for the weekend, I know it’s going to be gone in a BLINK.

Friday night: Brewfest, for which I won free tickets.
Saturday morning: Grocery shopping. At the new Giant Eagle Market District. Even though I’m sure it will be crazy. (Note to self: Make a shopping list. Don’t sell one of the kids to pay for groceries.)
Saturday afternoon: Cleaning house? At least some of it. Like, oh, the bathroom. (Note to self: Put “new shower liner” on shopping list.)
Saturday evening: Parents showing up for sleepover (as Flora calls it). Dinner. Entertainment.
Sunday: Church? Church. Pick up cake and ice cream. Drive to Children’s Museum for birthday party. Don’t forget to leave early to account for game-day traffic. Get home by half-time, and watch rest of game. Take MIL out to dinner for her birthday.
Monday: You’re back at work already??

Yeah, so. That blurred woman you see running by you this weekend? That’s probably me.