I accidentally taught Flora the definition of sarcasm last night.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, ostensibly eating her peas. Unfortunately, she was also dropping them on her father’s jacket, which was laying on the floor. (Don’t ask me how it got there. Just don’t.)

I walked over, picked up Dan’s jacket, and picked up Flora’s peas. “Your father’s just going to be thrilled you’re dropping food on his jacket,” I told Flora.

After putting things where they belonged (jacket on hook, peas in sink) I went back to sit down. Flora had clearly been thinking.

Flora: What does thrilled mean?
RPM: It means to be excited about something.
F: Why would Daddy be thrilled about me dropping food on his coat?
RPM: I was being sarcastic.
F: What does sa… that mean?
RPM: Sarcastic means saying something when you mean the opposite. Daddy would be very upset that you were dropping food on his jacket. Not thrilled.

This morning, the girls were up before I was out the door. This makes my mornings so much more difficult, as I am trying to get ready for work, and my girls are busy being all dependent on me and crap.

In the midst of dressing myself, they butted heads about something. Shrill little girl voices were being raised.

“Oh,” I exclaimed, “I just love when you guys get up before I leave for work!”

“Mommy, you’re being sarstastic again,” Flora pointed out.

Note to self: The older one is retaining information now. Be careful what you decide to explain thinking, “She won’t remember this.” Thanks, Me