Snippet: Sweet

As is noted, the Halloween extravaganza has begun. As a result, the girls have some candy already.

Yesterday I packed them each a 3 Musketeers “fun size” bar in their lunches. Flora saved hers — my children often “save” a part of their lunch to eat on the ride home…because it’s such a long 5 minute ride.

So yesterday when I got them in the car, Flora opened her lunch pack, and got out the chocolate bar. She opened it, broke about a third of it off and handed it to Kate.

I hadn’t asked her to share. Kate hadn’t asked her to share. Just, “Here, Kate. You can have some of my chocolate.”

Although I was utterly flabbergasted, I simply said to her, “Flora that was a very nice thing you did. You’re a good big sister.”

Sometimes, my kids just blow me away.

2 thoughts on “Snippet: Sweet

  1. Wow, you’ve got a Saint in the making! What a nice thing to do… That would have been unheard of with me and my brother and sister.

    Typical story… the post Halloween binge. Younger Brother and Sister both snarf down all their good candy right off the bat. Me, I liked to draw it out, save my favorites for last… draw out the candy supply into December, if I could. Then Brother and Sister start coming around begging me some of what I have left. I, of course, refuse… “We all got the same stuff and you ate yours already…”


    Doesn’t sound like you’re going to have that problem…

    • Well, some days are better than others with those two. Flora is turning into a very generous child, though. Kate’s getting there.

      And then some evenings it’s a struggle to get them to agree on a bedtime book.

      We used to trade candy; my brother liked all kinds of disgusting (in my opinion) stuff: Whoppers, Mallow Cups. And we all made it last, somehow.

      thanks for the comment!


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