Feeling Fuzzy

Unfortunately, not warm and fuzzy.

I was going to update on the various health issues around the RPM compound (FIL doing well, Nanny at home with in-home care, my back still a problem, the Incredible Coughing Girl — aka Kate — no longer coughing so much, but oh the snot!), but I’m having trouble with complete thoughts today.

I keep thinking it’s Monday, though I don’t know why. I was at work yesterday, so I feel I have no excuse.

My brain refuses to engage. And I’ve had caffeine.

After we bombed the house, I slept in the guest room for about five nights. I wanted to change the sheets on our bed before getting back into it. (We still do not have a door on our bedroom.)

I slept GREAT in the guest room. I did not wake up in the middle of the night. I was sleeping from 10 or 11 at night until about 6 the next morning. It was exhilarating.

Last night, I slept in my own bed. Or I should say I didn’t sleep in my own bed. I woke at 1 a.m., at 3 a.m., at 4 a.m. I tossed. I turned. I stuffed earplugs in my ears to keep out Dan’s snores. (I had to do this in the guest room, too.)

And today, I feel terrible. Not I’m-getting-sick kind of terrible — which considering how many times Incredible Coughing Girl coughed directly into my open mouth this past weekend, is itself quite incredible — but like “I can’t think” terrible. And super irritable terrible too.

Why? Why is my own bed so difficult to sleep in? My room is dark, and cool, and comfortable. Dan and I share a queen-size bed (when he doesn’t fall asleep on the couch in front of the television) — the guest room bed is only full size. Granted, the guest room has a door, and our bedroom does not yet, but could that make a difference?

My house needs some serious feng shui. Or, I just need to eat lunch. Low blood sugar could account for this funny feeling.

It does not account for not sleeping in my own bed, though. And, knock on wood, my children are sleeping through the night too, so I can’t even blame them!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Fuzzy

  1. For some insane reason, I ALWAYS sleep better in our guest bedroom, regardless of the house(remember, we’ve had so many ). I am pretty sure it is the bed itself. And the fact that the children don’t know where to find me so they bother Daddy instead of me in the morning. And there isn’t a dog and a snoring husband in the bed. It is just me. In the bed. Sleeping.

    • I am truly thinking of sleeping there for awhile to test the hypothesis. If it’s the bed, I’m moving in. Or buying a new mattress. Or putting up a door. (I’m obsessed with the idea it’s the door, letting in too much ambient light and noise into the room. From my husband watching TV downstairs, full volume.)ciao,rpmOct 20, 2009 10:09:28 PM, comment+x7y5pv3elrrkxh09@comment.wordpress.com wrote:

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