The favorite topic of conversation in the car lately is what is okay to say and what is a bad word.

Kate insists that ‘pee-pee’ is a bad word, but as we are potty training right now, I assure her that saying ‘pee-pee’ when we are talking about going on the potty is just fine. Ditto ‘poop’ or ‘poopie’. (I do not bother to explain that calling someone a poopie-head would be considered a bad word. They don’t need suggestions.)

Flora says that ‘dang it’ is a bad word, but I say it’s just fine. She’ll then point out that ‘damn it’ is a bad word, and then she’ll say, “I’m sorry I said a bad word.” Flora will also point out that you can say ‘dam’ if you are talking about beavers (shush, peanut gallery). The same type of conversation happens with ‘gosh’ and ‘God’. Although it’s fine to say ‘God’ when you are praying. Otherwise, stick to ‘gosh’.

I’m trying to get them to say ‘golly’ actually, purely for my own amusement.

Oh, and Flora has decided to talk about penises a lot lately. I’m not really sure why. On one hand, penis is not a bad word. But in a sentence like, “What would happen if a boy had a lot of penises?” it just seems like envelope pushing.

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