Girl Talk

First: Reading blogs and leaving comments can lead to good things. Look what I won! This is about the nicest thing that has happened to me in about a month, so, much thanks to Ginny, also known as Jane Pitt. I will tell you without reservation that this is the best blog I read.

And I’m not just saying that because her random number generator picked me.


This is a post about my period, which I am perfectly comfortable with, BTW. It is not about cloth menstrual pads or hand-knit tampons, so the ick and/or comedy factor may be low. But if you’re a guy and/or, you know, my dad, you may not want to continue reading.

It seems to me some months that my period is designed to show up at the time it will cause me the most inconvenience that it can. This is one of those months.

Family member extremely ill and in the hospital?*
Planning to bug bomb the house, which will lead to staying with your in-laws for a day and then to a whole bunch of cleaning of rooms that you have already cleaned the crap out of in an unsuccessful attempt to get rid of the bugs you are bombing? (Are you dizzy from reading that?)
Going to go to a community event in your SIL’s neighborhood with the kids, where most likely port-o-potties are going to be the order of the day?
Wanting to attend an all-day event with fellow bloggers and/or Twitter-philes like yourself?

How about if you have your period during all of this, too? Won’t that be great?

As I mentioned, I have no problems with my menstruation or my body. I’m cool with being a girl, and most if not all of the physical aspects it entails to be a girl day in and day out. Cramps are, literally, a pain; ibuprophen takes it away. PMS sucks big time, and my PMS has gotten worse since I’ve had children, but I just wait it out. I know it’s passed when diaper commercials and Kelly Clarkson songs no longer make me want to weep. Or, conversely, when a minor gaffe on the part of, say, my husband no longer sends me into a tailspin of fury.

But the mere hassle of my period this weekend is pissing me off. I’ll be running around; I’ll be at an outdoor event (if things… I don’t want to say go well. How about if things hold steady?); I’ll be, for the most part, out of my house. (Possibly also partially out of my mind, but why go changing things up now?)

It couldn’t have waited until Monday, at least? The painters gotta show up on the Friday before the insanity begins in earnest?

Apparently yes.


*Nanny update: Dan’s grandmother is out of the woods. She started eating again yesterday, and is being transferred to a rehabilitation home. After that, she will probably go into a personal care facility, but there’s always a chance she’ll come home, too. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.

2 thoughts on “Girl Talk

  1. Hey! Of all the ways my gigantic list of things that SUCK (pardon it but I have no other words that fit better) in my life right now could get worse I get to add this one, too! Seriously. Stars align in the worst ways sometimes. WORST. WORST. WORST. I blame NASA. What? They’re busy? Bombing the moon? *Inconceivable!*

  2. Congratulations on the swag from Ginny. She is the reason I started blogging… truly an inspiration, and all-around good chick. I think it through your comments there that I found your blog. (and many other cool ones too)

    Sorry about the “bad timing.” Not much I can add to that… It’s just one of those times when all you can do is look up at the sky and go, “WHY ME?”

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