I love the light this time of year. The way it slants across the landscape.

It is especially gorgeous when it is shining between the clouds and the earth as it rises or sets. Every leaf has its own shadow: red, gold, orange, green, set in bold relief.

Dan’s grandmother — Nanny — is not doing well.

Sometimes I honestly don’t know what to pray for.

Peace. That’s all I can wish for, I guess. Its definition isn’t up to me.

4 thoughts on “Light

  1. […] *Nanny update: Dan’s grandmother is out of the woods. She started eating again yesterday, and is being transferred to a rehabilitation home. After that, she will probably go into a personal care facility, but there’s always a chance she’ll come home, too. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)What I DidThe Prodigal Mommy: Part IThank God for In-Laws and BeerMore weekend reading, excerpts about things you want to know […]

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