Snippet: National Security

We were on our way to Target at The Pointe. Dr. Bro had called in an Rx for Kate, whose bum was, not to put too fine a point on it, bleeding. (Tangent: If the Rx is for ointment, you can’t give me cream? Really, Target pharmacy? I am generally pleased as punch at your service, but you get a big FAIL on this one.)

There was a police car at an intersection. Flora seriously has a thing for police cars.

Flora: Look! Police!
Me: Yup.
Flora: Is he helping out the United States?
Me: No. Well, yes, sure. He’s keeping us safe.
Flora: Is he helping the President?
Me: No, not really.
Flora: Why not?
Me: The President isn’t in Pittsburgh anymore. He went home to —
Flora: God?
Me (stifling giggles): No. Washington DC.

But there may be some conservative pundits who want to talk with you, Flora.