Random Thoughts: Notes to Self

1. Let Bun know it’s okay to kiss boys to whom she is related. Re: Her comment this morning, to wit: “I’m not going to kiss daddy today. Because he’s a boy.”

2. Find out exactly what DearDR means when he says he needs help in the morning. Because, vis-a-vis his terse phone call this morning, you’re coming up short.

3. Do not feed Cheetos to Bun for breakfast, even if she will not eat anything else. Because that is definitely not helpful to DearDR when he has to rush out the door. Much neater breakfast foods that are acceptable: cereal, toaster pastry, fruit, cheese stick.

4. Remind Bun that she is no longer sick. Thus, being sick is no longer an excuse for not doing what mommy says. Including kissing daddy.

5. Holy cats, have a nice weekend. It’s nice enough to take the girls to Kennywood tomorrow evening. But don’t mention it if you’re not going to do it. You will break Monkey’s heart. (Again.)

6. Bocktown. Burgh Moms. That is all.

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