Dress Up

Maybe it’s Halloween coming on, or my niece’s birthday party, but the girls have taken to dress up in a big way.

Which, obviously, has its goofy moments. Sans the hats, this is what Monkey chose to wear to Niece’s birthday party. I guess it was the most princess-like dress in our repertoire.

Bun was content to sling on a few baubles, a hat, and a shiny purse.

And shiny shoes, of course.

The day of the actual party, Bun went with something cooler, plus a party hat.

Monkey had her layers and a big grin.

Then Bun found the perfect accessory for herself. (That’s Niece, with the dress I gave to her for her birthday. Niece is a girly girl, and always dresses like a princess anyway.)

Finally, Bun ran around — bounced, as the case may be — as everybody’s favorite Tigger.

I may need a few more things in the girls’ dress-up bin.

Countdown to the Burgh Moms at Bocktown: Four days.