No Good News

Bun is sick — yes, I know, AGAIN — with some unspecified virus. She is feverish and congested, so maybe a cold. But I don’t know that a cold sends temperatures soaring over 103, as happened last night. With ibuprophen and a cold washcloth to the forehead, things came down to a less worrisome range.

She ate a whole piece of bread with jelly this morning, which is a good sign. And she’s still drinking lots. We’re just waiting for the fever to go away and stay away.

In an attempt to find out why Bun is always sick, I surfed around on the ‘net last night — a dicey proposition, I know. The sites I saw were more discouraging than scary though. Kids at Bun’s age just tend to get a lot of bugs due to immature immune systems. If they are in a daycare setting especially. And my girls go to a clean daycare, with lots of hand sanitizing and washing going on. It’s just… not the best of luck I guess.

I am seriously starting to be concerned for my job. I burned through another vacation day — I have no more sick time — to stay home with Bun yesterday, and I don’t know what I have left. And it’s only September. You can bet I’m looking at more sick days for my kids; it’s likely that Monkey will have at least one ear infection. I’m kind of hoping she dodges whatever Bun has now. I’m not exactly holding by breath.

I am feeling tired and sluggish, kind of headachy myself. I am just hoping that is due to poor sleep last night, and not the beginning of my own illness. Being cooped up in the house for the second day in a row isn’t really helping. I’m hoping that once DearDR comes home, I can at least get out for a little bit this evening. I don’t care if it’s just to wander around Target for an hour. Monkey is feeling cabin feverish, too; I promised her an outing tonight or tomorrow. I was hoping to go to the Irish Festival, or catch some RADical Days action today. No such luck.

Well, if this isn’t just about the least interesting blog post I’ve ever written, then I don’t know what is. I’m feeling gray, and it’s showing. I hope things brighten up in the next couple of days. Ciao for now.