Random Thoughts: Health Updates

Nanny came home last Saturday. She seems to be doing okay. My MIL is trying to engage her more, having her come downstairs for dinner and playing Sporcle quizzes with her. (I’m not kidding about that latter. DearDR showed his mom sporcle.com, and even though Bella hates computers, she likes sporcle. She just wants someone else to type for her.) Nanny is still having some diverticular issues, but it seems she is making an effort to eat, and to be engaged.

My FIL came home yesterday. He looks okay, although he is clearly in discomfort. He can move around all right, get up and down stairs (at least once a day), and he’s eating well. Last night when we popped in to see him and give him love & kisses, he had his shirt off. Bella says he’s complaining about being too warm. So we all were treated to the sight of his rather impressive scar. Bun looked at it for a moment, then said, dead serious, “You need a band-aid, Tadone?”

As for myself and my back, the achiness continues. The day after my anniversary, it was especially acute, with pinching (and I swear, I tried to lay still). I take ibuprophen at least once a day. After a couple of phone calls, I have an appointment with a chiropractor Tuesday evening. I not 100 percent sure what I’m doing with the kiddies, but my options are pretty limited:

1. Slim chance of taking them next door. Tuesday is usually pizza night, which means Bella has a couple other bodies (her nephew and one of her brothers) that could potentially keep an eye on the girls. But with Tadone home now and all, pizza night may be on hold for a bit.

2. Slightly fatter chance of having next-door babysitter sit with them for an hour or so. It’s a school night, and I’m not sure how she and her parents would feel about that. I’ll ask. Hey, it’s a quick $10, right?

3. I can take them to the doc’s, with toys, paper, crayons, and the portable DVD player. I can just pray for the best. I have an hour-long initial evaluation to get through.

Any voluteers from the Internets? They are adorable, and well-behaved for people not responsible for bringing them into the world.