Random Thoughts: More Quickies

Go read Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I could barely put it down, and although I checked it out of the library, I am seriously thinking of buying it. It is, apparently, going to be part of a series.

I had first heard of Hunger Games through a review by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly. I love me some King, so I figured I would like a book he recommended.

Boy, did I. The action is non-stop, the relationships are intriguing. The protagonist, Katniss, is tough, pragmatic, likable, as well as a fighter. I think Collins does an amazing job of capturing this girl’s voice, making it believable in the context of the action. I would have read that book in a day and a night if my schedule allowed for such luxuries.

I was surprised that the ending clearly and unambiguously meant that more was to come.


The sequel to Hunger Games, Catching Fire, comes out on September 1 this year. It would make a great anniversary gift! (hint, hint, DearDR.) I’m not quite sure how that fits into the bronze/pottery category, but we’ll just wing it.

Although Hunger Games was captivating, I did not read while the children were awake. Well, maybe once. It was Saturday; I was drinking coffee; they were playing with toys. It was fine.


Also, tourmaline is the stone for the eight year anniversary. I love tourmaline. I already have a tourmaline necklace, so maybe some complementary earrings.

Just a thought.


What should I buy DearDR that would fit in the bronze/pottery category? Guess I better start thinking about that.


Lately, Monkey has been into Imagination Movers. How come I am just discovering them now? Finally, another children’s show that is more than palatable. I enjoy the Backyardigans, too; everything else… is at least a little bit painful — if not really painful (I’m looking at you, Max & Ruby).

And guess what? They are coming to Pittsburgh right around Monkey’s birthday. I think I know what DearDR and I are going to get her.


Yesterday in the car, as I was switching radio stations, we came across “American Idiot” by Green Day. Bun piped up from the back, “Dat one.”

“You like this song?” I asked. I haven’t played much Green Day for the girls. Profanity, you know.

I glanced back, and she was bopping along in her car seat.

“Yesss,” Bun said (she draws out her “ess”‘s). Then she added, “It’s my favorite song.”

That’s my girl!

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: More Quickies

  1. About the anniversary gift, DH and I went out for an evening and picked out our pottery together on that anniversary. We are fotunate to live near a historic old town community that has cobbled streets to stroll with little restaurants and shops selling pottery. The difficult part is scheduling a babysitter, but it was completely worth it. Neither of us had to figure out a gift in advance and we had a very nice evening together. We have a beautiful bowl and vase displayed in our family room that was our gift to each other. I wish we could do that for every anniversary. Enjoy yours!

  2. In addition to being a decent show for kids, the Imagination Movers aren’t too bad on the eyes, either. Just sayin’.

    And RIGHT ON Bun! She’s smart, that one :).

  3. I loved The Hunger Games and can’t wait for the sequel to come out. I read it on the recommendation of my SIL. I don’t know if I would have heard about it otherwise. I really thought it was an excellent book.

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