Less About Me, More Pictures

Just to step back from the issue of “me time” a little bit, I bring you pictures of my adorable children. Who needs me time from cuteness?? (Okay, it’s not the cuteness from which I want to escape — it’s the NOT cuteness, the whiney, stomping foot, screaming, crying, and saying NO! opposite-of-cuteness behavior that gets to me.)

It was a perfect day.


I am pale.

Shortly before my children passed out from exhaustion.

Traveling up to the Alpine Slide.

I should have stayed at the bottom to get some shots of them on the way down. They both loved it!

One thought on “Less About Me, More Pictures

  1. I’m so bummed that we left on Friday so that we did not get to spend time with you and your family. We were able to spend time with your parents; that was nice. Looks like you had a great weekend! That pool at the Lodge is nice, huh? We went down the Alpine Slide three times; it’s still so fun! Although, I think I have become one of those middle-aged women who thinks that she is FLYING down the slide, but really I am going laughably slow. No matter, it was fun!

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