Last Weekend, with Pictures

We started the day — last Saturday — at Janowski’s Farm Days and the petting zoo. Bun didn’t hold still long enough for any pictures, but I got this one of Monkey. I think someone at her day school is teaching her that cameras mean “strike a pose”. Note the hand on one hip.

Then this guy tried to eat my pants and jumped in my face. I let Bun chase him around in retaliation.

Bun’s sun did not survive the day. But it was cute for a little bit!

Monkey went with a sparkly cat on her hand.

The next day we headed up to Seven Springs, where we swam, ate, and ran around with cousins and nephews.

DearDR loves to swim. I haven’t seen him so happy and relaxed in some time. He took pure delight in swimming with Bun and Monkey, as well as my nephews. Bun was slow to get into the water, but before we knew it, she was launching herself off the side of the pool, again, again, and again.

This isn’t the best picture of Monkey, but it does capture her big, genuine smile. She had a blast. Before the end of the two hours that we were at the pool, she was (assisted by her floatie vest) swimming across the pool, unassisted, with her cousins. It was remarkable. Who needs swimming lessons?

We are heading back up to Seven Springs tonight. I hope the weather is good enough for more pool time. Not because I like it so much, but my girls love it. And I love them.