Conventional blogging wisdom says that when something starts to go well — potty training, behavior modification, child sleeping through night — one should not mention it on one’s blog. Doing so will result in an immediate, irrevocable regression.

So I’ve nothing to report.

But if I did, say, have an interesting way of … how to put it so as not to anger the gods of sweet dreams … helping a child fall peacefully into slumber, well, I would feel beholden to share.

So if, perchance, I have something to report in say a month or so, I will talk about this technique. All credit due to DearDR, by the way. I mean, credit would be due to DearDR. If credit were due.

Which it may be. Or not.

Of course, maybe I shouldn’t say anything at all. Until Bun’s 20 years old. And keeping me up at night rather than waking me up at night, and for entirely different reasons, no doubt.