I distinctly remember, growing up in Erie, thinking, “There is nothing to do.”

So why now, when I visit my parents with my children, is the weekend a whirlwind of activity, a blur, a veritable smorgasbord of things to do?

Saturday, we went to the Erie Zoo, which is much improved since I worked there as a teen.

That line you see behind the rhinos? The zoo was having some kind of frozen safari promotion day. It was packed. Before lunch, we had Rita’s ice, ice cream, and a slushie. (Okay, I skipped the slushie — too sweet.) That last one explains the blue-ish tinge around the girls’ mouths in the next couple of pictures.

The zoo definitely has animals and features it didn’t when I lived in Erie.

The we went downtown to The Cove, a new restaurant in a new waterfront hotel. Bun listens better to Nonna and Pap-pap than she does to me.

Of course, Pap-pap buys blue gorilla dolls, so there you have it.

It was Roar on the Shore 2009, so we had to share State Street with about 5,000 bikers. And we went up that tower at the end of State Street — what is that called? — with the children, where I had a severe vertigo attack. Looking out at the horizon, I was fine. Looking down was not an option.

Quiet time was an absolute no-go back at the house.

Then we headed to the Cherry Festival in Northeast. I didn’t even know Northeast had a Cherry Festival.

I don’t remember being this busy as a kid.

5 thoughts on “Whirlwind

  1. I think we were teenagers when we said there was nothing to do in Erie. and dude! I missed you at the Cherry Festival by one day! We went Friday when it RAINED!! …so sorry I missed you 😦

  2. That’s because when you live there, there is nothing to do. In the summer its, cheery fest, harborfest (which i worked a summer. almost left to be a carnie), ummm greek fest, all the church festivals, county fairs.

    One summer we got so bored we would find random places on the map that were less than 30 miles away and go to it to try and pick up chicks. Most interesting was Barcelona NY. mmm yeaaaahhh. I did meet someone working the Dairy Queen at Geneva on the Lake OH.

    • Our hangout spots were the arcade at the Putt-Putt on Peninsula Drive, random playgrounds, and the occasional basement party. And Perkins on Peach. None of us were big drinkers — we hung out with straight-edge skater boys from McDowell — so that was seldom an issue.

      I like going up there now. Although my parents wear us all out! We’ve gone to the Jazz Walk, too, which is fun. (That was B.C. — before children.)

      thanks for the comment!


  3. oh yeah and I’m going up this weekend for Beer on the Bay festival 🙂 Supposed to do class reunion but that got nixed when i was the only one to RSVP. go ramblers!

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