Cape Cod 2009: Wednesday and Thursday

The rain and mist blew back in Wednesday afternoon.

We spent a little bit of time at a playground, which had the weirdest swing I have ever seen.

As well as the usual:

Thursday morning we went to the Red Barn Game Room, where the three of us collected 375 tickets. And Monkey ate a piece of pizza as big as her head.

This is Bun telling me off for taking pictures. Doesn’t she know she has to get used to the paparazzi?

Although she’s probably quite peeved that I took a picture of her in these.

The rest of the afternoon and evening consisted of an indoor pool, temper tantrums, meals of leftovers, and laundry.

Oh, and our second trip to, as Monkey calls it, Ben & Murray’s. You know, those nice Jewish fellows from Vermont who make ice cream.

3 thoughts on “Cape Cod 2009: Wednesday and Thursday

  1. I am pretty sure that swing is for kids with disabilities…which is really cool! They have a couple like that at the Barber Center…

    Love me some Ben and Murray’s!!

  2. I nearly sprayed my laptop with water after reading “Ben and Murray’s”!!

    And that swing looks like a nose, so weird!

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