Cape Cod 2009: Sunday and Monday

After discovering this place, I probably didn’t really need to go anywhere else the rest of the vacation.

Trampoline Center:

Video to be posted soon.

After Bun woke from her nap, we went down to Nauset Light:

And two sisters at the Three Sisters:

Do not ask me why Bun couldn’t smile as nicely as Monkey.

And then, apparently, on Monday, I lost control of the camera:

5 thoughts on “Cape Cod 2009: Sunday and Monday

  1. Oh, trampoline center looks PERFECT! What a great place to take two kids. I hope it tired them out 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s just because my critter isn’t old enough yet to enjoy such things, but I want to go to the Trampoline Center…for me!

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