The Wonder of It All

Due to Day School policy, I had to keep Bun home on Wednesday, too. Since we were both cabin feverish, I decided to take her down to the Three Rivers Arts Festival for a picnic. We’d get outside, but still have minimal person-to-person contact.

I parked over in the lot across from Station Square, and we took the T downtown. It was the best $2.50 I ever spent (when did transfers become a $1??). I thought Bun would be a little frightened; she’s not crazy about loud noises. But she was captivated. She looked at all the people; she stared out the window. When we went underground, she goggled. “Tunnel, mama?” she asked.

We picked a place to picnic on the lawn in Point State Park. Bun looked all around, and when the band started, she moved closer, pb&j firmly in hand. She stared at that stage as if she had to memorize it.

NOMAD is not the type of music I usually listen to, but they certainly were an enjoyable live band at a noon on a Wednesday. And, hey, one of their covers was Keith Urban, but another was Crowded House. So that was just fine.

It did finally get too loud — I’ve noticed Bun is far more sensitive to noise since ear tubes.

We wandered down to the fountain at the Point. We didn’t get as far as the confluence spot where DearDR proposed, though. Bun was distracted by the sprinklers first, then the ducks.

We took the T back to Station Square. I wish I had the image of the look on her face when the trolley emerged from underground: all round eyes and ‘o’ mouth. “It’s daytime!” she exclaimed.

It was tough being a SAHM again, even briefly. But that T ride with Bun made it worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “The Wonder of It All

  1. A bit of a tangent, but the use of the word “wonder” in your post title made me start humming the song “Wonder” by Colin Meloy of the The Decemberists. Do you know it? It’s about how amazing it is for two people to make a baby. Hubby put it on a mix for me when I was pregnant. If you don’t know it, look it up. I think you’d appreciate the lyrics.

  2. That sounds like a lovely day!

    And you are brave for taking the T with Bun. I am scared to death to think of ever having to take public transportation with Alex… but now that I know Bun did okay, maybe Alex will be equally enthralled?

    • I was apprehensive with Bun, too. And, granted, she wasn’t 100%, but I really think the new-ness of the situation was utterly captivating. You should have some luck with Alex. At least until the novelty wears off!


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