Random Thoughts: The Update Version

We went to the ENT for Bun’s myringotomy follow-up. Bun is doing just great with ear tubes, and the doctor seemed very pleased. She let me take a peek in the otoscope to see what it looked like in there; it was like a pipeline. Then they gave Bun a hearing test, and she got 100%.

Which kind of surprised me only because I have to call her name about 20 times before she hears me.


Today is the girls’ last day at DCL. I have to admit to being a chicken about the whole thing — DearDR volunteered to tell her they were leaving, and I let him do it. When I apologized for letting him to our dirty work, he said, “You’re not good at stuff like that.” Wondering exactly what he meant, I asked. “Being diplomatic,” he replied. “You’re not good at it. I am. Don’t worry about it.”

He’s right, too. I could not be called diplomatic or tactful. I think I’ve come a long way from high school though. The “no filter” years. Trust me.


Speaking of high school, if I haven’t missed the RSVP date (and if my MIL can watch the girls overnight), we are going to go to my 20th high school reunion. Up in Erie. I don’t really want to go, except out of morbid curiosity. I’m in touch with the people I want to be in touch with from high school — all two of ’em (hi, H; hi, M). I do miss A, but she and I have grown very far apart. It happens I guess.

Between the reunion, and our vacation in Cape Cod the following week, it’s time for me to commit to getting back in shape. (Yeah, in less than 3 weeks.) I have the 30-day shred DVD. And I’m doing it.



We are officially entering the Gabriel anniversary days. I will be appropriately reflective.

You’ve been warned.

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Update Version

  1. ha I laughed out loud at the hearing test bit- we wonder daily if Maggie doesn’t have something shoved in her ears, because she apparently doesn’t hear a word we say. hmmm…

    • Yeah, Monkey’s 4, and she still doesn’t hear us. She passed her hearing test, too.
      Did Maggie have her 2-yo check up yet? Did you have to fill out a questioniarre about her social skills. Was one of the questions: “Do you sometimes think your child is deaf/hard of hearing?” Any parent that marks that “no” is lying. Or not paying attention.


  2. Glad to hear about Bun!

    Re: You in high school…. You are a much better grown-up than teenager. Evolution does, indeed, work. And DearDR is correct.

    I am very curious about your high school reunion. YOU have evolved nicely, but I have great doubt about some of the ladies (I use that word with GREAT caution) you matriculated with… except H, of course!! (Jury is not out on M yet πŸ˜‰

    • I think the goal of getting to be a grown-up is to be better than you were as a teen. Yes, DearDR does have me pegged. At least I didn’t take offense. I can recognize truth.

      Yeah, I’m curious about my reunion, too. believe you me. I’ll give you the scoop.


  3. Yeay! I think the reunion will be a lot less painful than you think…besides, its dinner, and drinks, and NO children (i know we all love them, but lord knows I would love to enjoy a meal now and then that I DONT have to cook!) and if its no fun, we can always ditch and do something else! I have chatted on FB with a bunch of grads, and everyone has been super nice. Although I often marvel at the volume of free time people have to be posting and playing games. Time management was never one of my strengths, though. (haha!)

    I had great intentions of doing weight watchers, but with all that has happened lately, I have lost my motivation. I might just go out and get something new to wear, although I hate shopping. Need to call my sis for that…

    Anyway, I don’t think its too late to RSVP, even though it probably says so on the invite. There are always last minute cancellations…I am sure it is not a big deal. Is DearDr coming too, or will you be my date πŸ™‚

    Besides, I think I owe you a few drinks!

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