Quotable Quotes

Logic doesn’t fly with a 2-year-old

The girls run screaming from something in the driveway. DearDR goes to see what’s up.

It’s a tent worm. He calls the girls back over to explain and wonder and be in awe of nature. This goes well unless the tent worm starts to crawl. Because, you know, the dreaded, flesh-eating, voracious tent worm! Hide the women and children!

In an attempt to give Bun some perspective, DearDR says, “Bun, look, stop running away. See? This is how big you are” holding his hand about 2 feet off the ground. “Now, this is how big the tent worms is” holding his hand about 1/2 inch above the ground.

“So, who’s bigger, you or a tent worm?”
“Tent worm!” Runs screaming down the driveway.


File under: Things to say to give your parents a heart attack

Monkey: “I wish I was in high school.”

4 thoughts on “Quotable Quotes

  1. Bahaha! That’s so cute! And logic totally doesn’t fly with 2 year olds, you’re right.

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