What I Did

A number of people (*cough* Brandon *cough*) wondered how I could manage to watch movies while I was allegedly cleaning and painting upstairs. For the record, I watched Gran Torino, This is Spinal Tap, and the original X-Men (this kind of in two parts; we went to dinner around 7 p.m., and cruised IKEA, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and Target for a little comparison shopping).

And while I watched (and bawled during the last half hour of one of those movies — I’ll let you guess) I sorted though a few clothes.

My girls get a lot of hand-me-downs. Between that, what they outgrow, and what needs to be changed out for more seasonal clothing, I had a lot of sorting on my hands.

Here are four boxes of donations.

I added two garbage bags to those four boxes.

Two boxes of clothes for TTG’s 4-month-old daughter (below, top picture). I also gave a box of dresses to Niece, and two boxes of clothes to A Girl (below, bottom picture), daughter of my friend H (who also has A Boy).

I still ended up with… a few things to put into storage until A) it’s fall/winter and/or B) Bun or Monkey grow into them.

And here are some things I have to put on hangers and hang in the girls’ closet.

Finally, I am married to one of those people who despise getting rid of anything. So I consider it a major victory that he only wanted the following onsies and hats for the girls’ memory boxes. The outfit on the right is for Monkey, and the outfit on the left is for Bun.

Some days — most days — it’s hard to remember that they actually fit in those little things.

2 thoughts on “What I Did

  1. I feel so privileged to be the first guest to stay in your lovely new Guest Room! Thank you ever so much for the fabulous dinner (and wine!), delicious cake, and wonderful company! And for all the clothes for A Girl! Oh, and the girls’ room looks fabulous, too!

    Much love to you all! Hope you get a chance to relax this weekend!

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