I’m Over It, DCL

I am having huge child care issues this week. First off, I lined up a babysitter a month ago so DearDR and I could attend the wedding of our dear friend Erin on Saturday. This babysitter has been remarkably flexible and reliable — up until Tuesday when she bailed on me because she has a lifeguarding job.

She has been scrambling to find me a replacement, and I give her props for that. But we’re talking two days from now, girls I haven’t met and who have met my children, and an all-day gig. Wedding’s at 2 p.m., and reception is from 4 to 10 p.m. My MIL is otherwise engaged.

Second off (?): I am about to go ’round with DCL again. And this time I’m closer than ever to pulling the plug for good.

It all started when Bun got molluscum contagiosum on her bum. She clearly got it from her sister and because I bathed them together (which I no longer do). DCL freaked out a little bit: what if she got it? what if another child in her care got it? Bun was not going to be allowed to swim with the other kids. We had to Do Something.

I spoke with Dr. Bro, the dermatologist, about the situation. To paraphrase his take: Molluscum contagiosum is a very common childhood virus. If a child is susceptible to the virus, then he/she is going to get it, if not at DCL’s then someplace else. The kids at DCL’s have already been exposed through Monkey (who had it on her face; it cleared up beautifully this year after she had had it for nearly 24 months). The recommended treatment in children is to DO NOTHING. The virus clears up on its own, albeit it can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. He is writing a letter to this effect for me.

DearDR and I laid out the above to DCL, also letting her know that if she wasn’t comfortable with our decision to do nothing, then we would understand. I know it’s a bit of CYA on her part — if another child in her care does get molluscum and she has an irate parent on her hands, she is in a tough situation. But her daughter had molluscum as a child, too, and her adult son (who lives there) HAS IT NOW. Monkey came down with it when she returned to DCL’s care after Bun was born.

Where ever does she think the virus is coming from?

Then, she asks me what I would like to do for the summer. Will the girls both be full time? If not, when will they be coming?

I tell her I would like Monkey to come Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I will have her down at her day school Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Those are the days she will be going in the fall in any case.

Turns out that DCL would rather Monkey not come on Thursdays or Fridays because she ‘has too many kids those days’. Huh. Really. And now she is going to start charging for lunch because people are not donating food.

For the record, since my girls are vegetarians, I send stuff like not dogs and garden burgers so DCL has a protein to feed them.

So I told DCL that I will probably just pack Monkey and Bun lunches.

Her response, “Oh, I don’t think that’s going to work.”

I’m sorry, I think the proper response is, “That’s fine, RPM. Whatever you would like to do.”

I mean, I pay this woman a lot of money to render me a service. Shouldn’t she render it to MY convenience, not hers? Am I off my rocker here?

I haven’t talked this over with DearDR yet, and I am not at my most diplomatic right now. But I am tired of running all over the place in the evenings to pick up my children, and I am tired of being dictated to by a woman to whom I give a lot of money every week. Monkey’s day school will gladly take both girls full-time. On the other hand, I don’t want to burn any bridges — I may need DCL for back up during Christmas week for example — and my girls are used to DCL.

I’m just not sure the pros outweigh the cons right now.

3 thoughts on “I’m Over It, DCL

  1. Hmmm. After so many issues with DCL, I think day school for both the girls may be best. Plus, you eliminate the stress of keeping track of where they are going (I know that feeling!) Is there anyone else you could line up as a backup?

    It just seems you have done a lot to accomodate her, and think of the time and gas you could save just going one place?

    Good Luck! I don’t envy you…

  2. argh I do not envy you at all. I have to say, this is the one thing I’m nervous about with the future possibility of using an in-home daycare (as opposed to a larger group daycare that I use for Maggie right now) I love the idea of it being more personal without as many kids, but things can be a lot less established and there aren’t the ‘rules’ and protocols (as annoying as those can be, at least you know where everyone stands!) It sounds like she’s being a bit ridiculous with not even considering working with you on things, grrrr. Hope you get it figured out 😦

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