Before: The Starting Point

DearDR and I, and the girls, live in a three-bedroom home. When we moved here, Monkey was nine months old. When Bun came along, she stayed with DearDR and me in our bed for a few months, then we moved her into a crib in the guest room; her dresser/changing table lived in Monkey’s room. A few weeks ago, Bun decided she didn’t want to sleep in her crib any longer, but wanted to sleep in the “big bed” — our guest room bed.

It was time for a change.

Here’s where we were starting:

Monkey’s room: Bed + Bun’s dresser

Monkey’s room: Shelf + Monkey’s dresser

Monkey’s room: The closet

The big room: Rolltop desk + crib

The big room: Bed

The big room: Stuff

This image best demonstrates another reason it was time to clean and rearrange. These bags and boxes and piles of stuff have been piling up for more than a year. They are part of the “something more” that I find it difficult to deal with in a timely manner as a WOTHM. They are clothes that no longer fit anyone; clothes that will probably fit Bun someday; and baby stuff that we are not sure we will need again. (This is still up in the air.)

The big room: The closet (i.e. wasted space)

The big room: Glider and doorway

The angel will be moving into the guest room, with other angel art that we have received over the years.

How I Spent Friday Night: The big room, nearly empty

I said “nearly”.

Where all that stuff went:

Come back tomorrow to watch the transformation.