So Tired

I am going to have to check how often my Monday post references exhaustion.

We did a ton of work this weekend. I am uploading photographic evidence as I write this.

I picked up the girls at the Grove City Eat’n’Park around 6 o’clock yesterday. To my disappointment, there was not squealing. Instead, Bun simply crawled over Nonna to come sit on me. The girls cuddled up for a bit, then went for a walk outside with Nonna and Pap-pap, while I had a bite to eat. As I suspected she would, Bun threw a fit when she realized she wasn’t going with Nonna and Pap-pap, back to Erie, to see the dogs (Buddy and Roxy — I guess Roxy is very entertaining).

We got home at 7:30. The girls seem to be thrilled by their room. Last night’s transition went pretty smoothly — Monkey pretty much passed out; Bun took a little extra cuddling. They were exhausted from the weekend. I’ll have to see if Nonna got any good pictures.

I’m going to let them sleep a little bit longer, but I have to get them to daycare and myself to work. The rest of the week will probably be pictures. Stay tuned.