Saturday Checklist

Get up; have coffee; finish The Hour I First Believed.
Choke back tears.
Wipe down walls in Big Room.
Steam clean rug in Big Room.
Bring all the girls’ clothing downstairs to front room.
Put on Gran Torino.
Start sorting clothes.
Two hours later, cry a lot.
Put in This is Spinal Tap. Keep sorting clothes.
Put four boxes and two bags in car trunk for donation.
Keep sorting clothes.
Green beans!
Finish sorting clothes while watching first half of the first X-Men movie.
Gopher for DearDR while he paints first coat.
Think, “Holy cats, that’s pink.”
Two hours later, go out to dinner.
The vegetable pad thai at China Palace in Sewickley is fantastic.
Comparison shop closet organization options.
IKEA wins. Will have to come back.
Pick up beer at Bocktown.
Go home. Goof off. Make plan for Sunday.
DearDR starts second coat of pink.
Write blog post.
Sort gift wrap, gift bags, and wrapping paper.
Watch second half of X-Men.
Have another beer.
Go to bed. Try hard not to think of everything that has to be done Sunday.

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