Lost Day: The Incident

Did you love it? Or did you hate it?

Watching last night, there were parts that were perfectly predictable — primarily those Jacob appearances, the most shocking of which was when he appeared to Sayid. They do like creaming characters with vehicles on this show, don’t they?

I come away from Season 5 perfectly satisfied and looking forward to Season 6. The Final Season. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next nine months, though.

Oh, yeah, the Penguins won last night, so I’ll have that to distract me for another month or so.

Anyone surprised to have seen Locke’s body — the real, dead real Locke’s real body — dumped out of that metal box the Ajira Airlines survivors were lugging around? Not me.

So: Jacob and… Not-Locke. Esau? Good and evil? God and Lucifer? There’s the central mystery for Season 6. Which I am guessing will look a lot like Season 1. But that’s nine months away. Have I mentioned that?

Back to last night’s episode, and a few thoughts.

I loved seeing Rose, Bernard, and Vincent again. And I loved Rose and Bernard’s attitude. They got it right. Although, admittedly, it would have made a boring show.

I cried when Juliet fell, I admit it. I’m glad she was the one to detonate the bomb. It was pretty significant that during her flashback, Jacob did not show up. You kind of saw it coming. But my heart breaks for Sawyer.

Ben tells the truth, but does the truth set him free? You could see him choking on every word that came out of his mouth last night. Michael Emerson should get a frickin’ Emmy for his role as Benjamin Linus. Never has an actor on a TV show so completely embodied a character — for me, anyway.

Richard was utterly and completely taken in by Not-Locke (Terry O’Quinn is also quite awesome, BTW). Richard, Ricardus: ancient, ageless, but not infallible. What kind of gods are these?

The Ajira people might be the good guys after all. Couldn’t they have humped it a little faster to the foot of the statue?

My guess for season 6: Yeah, sure, Not-Locke (the blue-shirted guy at the very beginning of the episode) found his loop-hole, but I think Jacob found one, too. “They are coming.” Jack and company. That’s who I think he meant. They did change the past and hit a big ole reset button.

Okay, I’m going to go do a survey of some Lost-phile sites. I cannot wait to see what people thought.